Boat - Large (5" x 9")

Boat - Large (5" x 9")

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Legendary Realms Terrain RPG Accessories Boat, Large (5" x 9")

One boat, cast in high-quality resin, hand-finished and fully painted in the US.

RPG adventurers like to travel so when the time comes for seafaring adventures, you'll want to have a boat for them. Accessories add life to your Pathfinder, D&D or another roleplaying games.  Our large boat measures 5" wide by 9" long.

Compatible with any other Legendary Realms terrain, Dwarven Forge, and other manufacturers.

Legendary Realms Terrain is officially licensed by Hirst Arts.

Because these are made to order, casting and painting time may take a few days. Estimated shipping time may take a week or more.