Accessory - Stairs, Square Spiral (2" x 2")

Accessory - Stairs, Square Spiral (2" x 2")

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Legendary Realms Terrain for RPG and Wargaming: Dungeon Stone Spiral Staircase, 2 x 2. 
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Measures approximately 2" wide by 2" long by 2" height. 

This stairway segment is cast in high-quality plastic resin; hand-finished and fully painted right here in our store.
All of our dungeon terrain pieces are completely modular. 
You can use them to create and design your very own custom dungeon sets. 

All of our terrain pieces and accessories are a great way to enhance a dungeon, storeroom, tavern, etc.

Compatible with any other Legendary Realms terrain, Dwarven Forge, and other manufacturers.

Legendary Realms Terrain is officially licensed by Hirst Arts.
Because these are made to order, casting and painting time may take a few days or longer. 
Estimated shipping time may take a week or more. 
Some colors and/or shades may vary.